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Tutorial 3: Introduction for SQL Server

Reason of this project:
If you are a beginner in the domain of Data Base then you may don't know what's SQL Server. SQL server is good for data base management and will make your applications save much time.
In this tutorial that doesn't include any sample, we'll learn how to install and prepare MS SQL server; I'll post sample tutorials in later time.

Project details:
1- Introduction to SQL Server 2005
2- Installation of SQL Server 2005
3- Getting started with SQL Server 2005

1- Introduction to SQL Server 2005

I think you have an idea about Data bases (even about MS Access). A data base is a group of tables. Each tables posses some content and text on it. We'll see in later tutorials that we can include images and any file format.
The Database group the data and the server help us manage those data. With the server, we can add record, delete, drop tables. We can also do queries, for example searching for special text in the database..
An example of the power of the database:
This example will show you the obvious difference that makes a server and a database.
If you make a search for example using Windows Search (not in Vista because in Vista it indexes files), and suppose that you have 100,000 files to search.
The computer will spend about 15 minutes crawling your disk and may block!
Now let's make a search with Google or Yahoo. It find the words that you are searching in less than 1 second. However it searches in billions of pages!
How this can be done? Simply those search engines are using a database.
So you see the benefits of a database.
However if you want to use SQL Server, then you need to install it on the machine where you want your application to use the database.
luckily Microsoft offer MS SQL Server Express edition for free, so your clients can install it on their machines.
This is a common and very asked question: What's the difference between Access and SQL?
Access is a database but not a server; SQL is a server, it's role is to group all the databases and to manage them.
This is what make SQL more customizable and faster. It also have many other advantages.
SQL Server can also be used on Web application!

2- Installation of SQL Server 2005

We need to install SQL Server in order to use it; SQL server is like the sea, you can't take control of all its functionalities and tools. But Don't worry, me also I don't know all SQL Server tools and settings.
This is not a problem. But if you want to become a professional I think, you must take some special lessons about it. You'll need also a long time to become professional. But this tutorial can be an introduction.
Ok first we need to prepare the computer.
We'll install the express edition that is free. You can download it from the Microsoft site.
You'll need a 1 GHZ processor (at least 600 MHZ) and 1 GB memory.
More the computer is fast, more SQL become fast. If you'll manipulate small data SQL won't be slow; but it's first starting or use may take some time (when you connect for the first time).
After downloading SQL Server (about 50 Mb), execute the installation process.
The setup will analyze your computer, this may take some time and then we'll give you the report.
You may find warnings, read out the messages. It's better to have all the item green (success).
Then press next to continue the setup.
The SQL server should be installed

3- Getting started with SQL Server 2005

Now you should have SQL Server 2005 installed, I recommend also that you download the Microsoft Online documentation about SQL Server as it includes many important and basic things.
Now we are going to focus on the most important part of this server.
So select Start > All programs > SQL Server 2005 > Configuration tools.
Here you'll find the main SQL server applications.
We'll see only the "SQL Server Configuration manager" tool.
This tools we'll allow us to stop and start the SQL servers.
Click over SQL server 2005 services to see the installed servers on your Pc.
It contains very important information and excellent tutorials.
You may need to change those properties (of each SQL Server) in future when using SQL with
Now if you want to install a new server then do it with the installation package.
There's other important things that I'm going to notice now.
Sometimes users complain that SQL server doesn't work on a network.
This is normal as you have this setting disabled by default.
To enable it and other settings, go to Protocols for YOURSERVERNAME and enable what you need.

Note: There's no source code for this tutorial
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